Yes, yes…i am procrastinating…
September 4, 2006, 2:25 pm
Filed under: Assorted Stuff

But I am REALLY good at it.  I am so close to being done with the setup of my online classes, but I am fighting off a cold of some sort, so I am sleepy and easily distracted.  Even more so than usual…  🙂

Last night we had a poker game at my house.  I don’t play, I just arrange for the boys to come over and cook for them.    My basement smelled like beer, the boys were crass and I just typed away at the computer and loved it.  As my brother put it, they could have just as easily have gone out in the woods and peed together…male bonding at its best…I guess the world would be a much more civil place if girls could just accept boys for what they are…boys.  I know I don’t always remember…

 Oh and rest in peace, Steve Irwin.  I imagine that in his line of work, his early demise was bound to happen.  At least he died doing something he loved, right?   How many of us will say that, do you think?


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