Pictures from the 3 Day…
August 7, 2006, 11:04 pm
Filed under: Breast Cancer 3-Day

I wish that I could add captions to these pictures, but I think you can figure most of them out.  The last two…pictures of flags with a hand with 3 fingers up….that was part of the closing ceremonies.  4 survivors raised a blank flag.  We were told to fill in the flag (in our head of course) with images that meant something to us.  The hand with the 3 fingers up…its kind of the “3 day salute”…like a congrats, or an honor, or in remembrance…I thought the shot of that with the flag in the background was quite touching.  At least it is to me. Here is the link…hopefully it works…the next post I will the email I sent to everyone…in case you want to read it again…


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Day One: “Stay inside your vehicles please”…Day Two: “Stay on the sidewalks ladies”…”keep inside the cones please”…Day Three: “Have a great walk ladies”…”Welcome back! Great Job!” “Where’s my walkie talkie?” “Who’s directing traffic here?” “Where’s my reflective vest?”

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